Aktobe Munai Mash Komplect LLP ensures quality operation, diagnostics, maintenance, repairs and construction of complex systems in the oil-and-gas-industry. Behind each success of the Company’s project, there is a group of expert professions.

Always at Your Service

Our goal is to exceed our Clients’ expectations by means of the quality overall management assurance. Our goal is focused on provision of cost effective and reliable solutions in order to help our Clients in realising of their goals.

Our Mission

The Company’s experience is proved by a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation of the most undisputed companies operating on the Kazakhstani market. The confidence of our Clients is our success itself.

Since the time when the Company has been founded (2003), owing to the centralised and strong management as well as joint efforts of the Kazakhstani and Chinese specialists, continuous (stable) technological transformations, improvement of a repair-and-fabrication process and development of the facility construction and maintenance level, the Company has won the shareholders’ confidence.

The Company is engaged in various types of the licensable activities, the key ones of which are as follows:
1. Oil field equipment repairs
2. Machine products fabrication
3. Service maintenance
4. Construction-and-installation operations

As well as calculations and fabrications of pressure vessels, high and low pressure pipelines, repairs and installation of boilers, repairs of electrical equipment and its installation at a field, non-destructive testing and measuring instruments repair services, etc.

We strive for maintaining the Company’s image which inspires confidence and respect not only to our Clients and business partners but the community as a whole.

Company’s territory area is
96 000 m2

Production buildings’ area is 22 251,2 м2

430 employees

280 items of conventional and specialised equipment

30 kinds of services dedicated to equipment and mechanisms repairs as well as service maintenance are rendered.


Aktobe Munai Mash Komplect LLP is a high-quality supplier of a service package and a reliable partner for the oil-and-gas industry companies operating in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan: